Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about my bill, whom should I contact?
Please contact Mid-Atlantic Pathology Services (“MAPS”) if you have any questions regarding your bill. You may reach us at 703.404.8189 between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. All calls are answered in person by one of our staff members.

Why did I receive a bill from MAPS?

We received a skin, hair and/or nail specimen from your physician. Your physician chose to send us your specimen so that one of our dermatopathologists (physicians specializing in skin and nail tissue diagnosis) to diagnose your specimen. Our laboratory bills your insurance company directly for this service. Therefore, if you receive a bill from Mid-Atlantic Pathology Services, it is because we were asked to diagnosis your specimen by your physician.

I received a bill from MAPS and have questions regarding the results. What should I do?
MAPS does not provide results to patients. We encourage you to contact your treating physician to discuss your test results and receive an explanation as to what your test results mean.

Why have I received a bill when I have insurance coverage?
In some instances, we were not provided with your insurance information. Please contact our Billing Department with your current insurance information in order for us to submit a claim on your behalf.

I paid my co-pay at the doctor’s office. Why have I received a bill from MAPS?
Copayments typically cover physician office visits. Any patient responsibility, normally a deductible and/or coinsurance payment, based on your health plan coverage will be billed to you once your health insurer has processed your claim. The amount you are responsible for paying will be reflected on your billing statement as well as the Explanation of Benefits (“EOB”) you receive from your health insurer.

I have a secondary or supplemental insurance policy. Will MAPS file those claims for me?
MAPS will file all primary and secondary claims on your behalf. Once all plans have processed your claim, you may be billed for any remaining balance. If applicable, MAPS will file with tertiary payers.

I received a bill from MAPS. I believe, however, that I satisfied my yearly deductible. What should I do?
Please contact your insurance company directly to ensure the claim has processed correctly according to your health plan’s and benefits. If your claim was not correctly processed, MAPS will work with you and your health insurer to have the claim processed correctly according to your benefits.

What payment options are available to me?
MAPS accepts checks, money orders, and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover). You may pay online, by mail or phone.

If mailing your payment, please send to:
Mid-Atlantic Pathology Services
P.O.Box 418924
Boston, MA 02241-8924

Does MAPS have a program for patients that are experiencing financial hardship?
Yes. MAPS understands that sometimes families experience financial difficulty. We do have different options available. Please contact a member of our Billing Department for more information.

Will MAPS provide me a discount if I don’t have insurance?
MAPS has an indigent program available for uninsured patients. Please contact our Billing Department for more information or to set up a payment plan.

How can I get a copy of my pathology report?
You may contact your physician for a copy of your pathology report, or you may contact us directly at 703.404.8189. We would be more than happy to assist you with your request.

How can I get materials sent for a second opinion?
You or your physician may request your records and related materials be sent for a second opinion. We do require a completed Medical Authorization Release form to be on file before any of your records are released or sent out. Please contact us at 703.404.8189 for a copy of our Medical Authorization Release form.

When should my physician receive results?
Upon receiving your specimen, we provide prompt, reliable results. Most results are available to your physician within one business day.

Why did my physician send my biopsy to MAPS?
Your physician chose to send us your specimen in order for one of our board-certified dermatopathologists (physicians specializing in skin and nail tissue diagnosis) to diagnose your specimen. This ensures that your specimen is examined by a physician with the necessary skill and expertise required to provide an accurate diagnosis.