Client Center Insurance and Billing

Patients will be billed separately for laboratory services. Mid-Atlantic Pathology Services (“MAPS”), will submit charges for our services to the patient's primary and secondary insurers. We will bill all insurances for patients even if we are not participating providers in the patient's health plan. We offer a self-pay fee schedule, and financial hardship policies are available for indigent patients. Patients can set up payment plans by calling our office. Credit card payments are accepted, and patients can also make their payments online.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available to answer any questions patients may have concerning our billing practices. Monthly statements will be issued. Terms of payment are net 30 days. If an invoice is in question, please ask your patient to contact us at 705.707.8189.

Compliance and Medical Necessity
MAPS adheres to applicable federal and state laws, as well as the coverage limitations of private health plans. We are committed to complying with the law, and expect all our referring physicians to abide by the law as well.

CPT and ICD coding references provided by MAPS on your pathology report are provided only as a guidance to assist you in billing. Occasionally, an incorrect CPT or ICD code is chosen by a non-Medical Biller. MAPS assumes no responsibility for billing errors due to reliance on the CPT or ICD codes we provide your office. It is your responsibility to verify the accuracy of the codes provided and to assign values to each code based on the guidelines of your practice.

For further information on CPT coding, please consult the CPT Coding Manual published by the American Medical Association. For further information on ICD coding, please consult the current ICD Coding Manual published by the World Health Organization (WHO), and for assistance with changes to the ICD-10 system please visit

Professional Courtesy Testing
Federal and state regulations prohibit healthcare providers from offering "professional courtesy” testing. As a result, we are prohibited from honoring professional courtesy requests. If your patient cannot afford our services due to financial hardship, please contact our Billing Department at 866-556-3195.